About Me

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About me:

Being an avid gamer I enjoy solo experiences as well as having played competitively and hosted tournaments in the past. This involvement in gaming led to my interest in the design decisions behind games. I taught myself game development during my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Durham, England and now am completing my MA in Game Design at Falmouth. I have 4 years experience in Unreal Engine 4 and have recently picked up Unity. My interest lies chiefly in game design but I also have experience in environmental design, level design and as a programmer.


What inspires me in game design:

My favourite game of all time as a player is The Last of Us due to its compelling story and stunning visuals. However, from a design standpoint Nintendo's Zelda Breath of the Wild and Supergiant's Hades have greatly deepened my interest in systemic games, controlled randomness and their roles in encouraging emergent gameplay. Consequently, much of my academic work has been on the topic of player agenecy and designing games to encourage improvisation and mechanical mastery. Addittonally, I find the design of combat systems and peripheral mechanics to be fascinating in creating new experiences within existing and stale genres such as shooters and MOBAs.

I maintain a blog on these topics at;

How my hobbies improve my understanding:

I make and play games in my spare time as well as running online gaming tournaments, casting on in addition to running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for the last 6 years. All this has given me a passion for design, storytelling and world-building creativity as well as a solid understanding of designing for player experience.

  • Graduated from Durham University, England with an 1.1 BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences (Biology and Cognitive Psychology focus).
  • Currently studying at Falmouth University (Game Design MA).
  • Freelancing Game Dev work for JBI Digital's christmas webpage.
  • Worked on Unreal 4 projects for the last 4 years ranging from paper2d to third person shooters and tabletop simulators.
  • Past work experiences at GlaxoSmithKline and L'Ecole Internationale.
  • Founder of TheIsolationLeague where I created and ran the website, discord, Twitch and management as well as casting.

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