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Here is a list of my major game design projects: ongoing, completed or abandoned.
Click on the images to see documentation, media and and overview of the project.

Ongoing Projects


Glitch AI: Single player MOBA-like

Made over 3 months as part of a team of 6. Lead combat designer for combat systems, general designer and sole programmer. Ue4.
Play as an AI achieving sentience and feeling emotions for the first time as your creators carry out various tests. Combat sees the player transition between 5 states each with their own unique MOBA-like skillsets.


Sonar Invaders: Gaming for blind players

Made over 8 weeks as a solo Audiogame project for the experimental games uni module. Made in UE4.
Visually impaired gamers require a range of intentionally accessible mechanics in their games. This project is not only an attempt to recreate Space Invaders as an Audiogame but also to develop design philosophies.


Lofi Geometry: Non Euclidean walking sim

Personal solo project designed around the principles of low-poly stylised mobile games, lofi music and confusing geometry. UE4.
Originally began as a design experiement in making a game encapsulating the feel of lofi music but has evolved into a foray into non-euclidean spaces, optical illusions and game polish in a minimalistic fashion.



Global GameJam: Charon's Crossing

Made in 2 days as part of a small team. I worked as lead programmer and lead gameplay designer. Made in UE4.
Play as Charon collecting souls as his boat heads down the River Styx. Charon must coerce the unwilling and gather the willing souls, guiding them to his boat.


Falmouth Uni Jam: Bee Wee Brigade

Made in 3 weeks for a university game jam. Worked as the sole developer (design and programming). Made in UE4.
Collect honey from the BeeWee creatures via a vacuum gun. Use the honey to purchase upgrades, new regions and extra equipment to deal with pests.


Falmouth Uni Work: Harry Potter Doom

Made in 1 day as an extension for university task. Worked as the sole designer and programmer. Made in UE4.
Play as a wizard escaping a dungeon. Battle various Harry Potter-themed foes whilst destroying enemy spawners, collecting health and managing mana.


Game Jam 'Meme': NGGUU

Made in 3 weeks for a university game jam on the theme 'meme'. Worked as the sole developer (design and programming). UE4.
Play as Rick Astley seeking to recover your girlfriend from Shrek. Battle against various memes such as PS1 Hagrid and Knuckles, endure boss fights against Kung Fu Shaggy and finally best Shrek in 1v1 combat. The core design philosophy was meme-based absurdity.


D&D Tabletop simulator

A personal project to help learn about data structures and UE4 interface. Worked as the sole developer. UE4.
A tabletop program allowing you to create and save maps with custom terrain, relief, object positioning and rotations. Also facillitates character token and camera movement in realtime. This has been used a few times for D&D sessions but is now abandoned.


Twilight Tracker

A text-based game made as part of a 3 man team for a university assignment. Worked as sole programmer and co-designer. UE4.
Play as the protagonist of a village struggling with food scarcity. You see a mysterious figure in the woods with an artefact of doubling. Make moral choices during random encounters as you track down what you eventually realise to your clone as you try to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Other projects