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Tabletop simulator

A program designed for tabletop game such as Dungeons and Dragons - replaces a real life board and map with an interactive 3d tilemap

Design Concept: Produce a 3d tabletop simulator for game masters to use for online or in-person play.

Goal: Place and edit objects, terrains and characters in real time and with an array of options enabling clarity of piece location and team.

Information: Built over the course of 2 weeks the project is now on hold whilst I focus on other projects but was a succesful foray into using arrays to create a tile based system for terrain placement. Whilst prototyping I tested multiple techniques for storing tile data and editing the grid system, ultimately deciding on creating an actor called "Tile" and storing 'z offset', 'terrain type', 'object type' and 'object color' variables within. A simple function called "Update Tile" runs through a series of enumartor checks to correctly change height, object/character type and color. This modular approach makes it easy to save data, spawn tiles from memory on level load or rapidly paint large sections of tiles.

I intend to return to the project and add some quality of life features such as a lager paintbrush, more objects, terrains and characters and possibly the option to create multi-storey indoor maps (although for most D&D games a simple maze type structure will suffice and this is possible with the modular wall system already). Sounds and an improved UI would also be a must as currently only placeholder assets have been used for button colours etc.