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Charon's Crossing

Global Game Jam - Designer and Programmer


Play as Charon the ferryman of the underworld. You collect souls as you progress throughout the underworld. Try to collect as many lost souls as possible from areas surrounding the river styxx before you run out of time and are called back to the ferry.

  • CHARACTER AND ATMOSPHERE - Taking a page from SuperGiant games we wanted to use character and a semblence of narrative to get the player attached to Charon. By nature of it being a 2-day game jam, we had little time to create an expansive game, so through a dynamic VO system and over 60 voice lines Charon is able to exhibit a cynical yet upbeat personality giving a lot of bang for buck from such a simple game loop and playspace.
  • GAMEPLAY - The player must ride their ferry between islands, dismounting to gather lost souls. They can ring their bell drawing in nearby souls or fire a small burst of fire to convert ones further away. Souls will slowly follow Charon but over time may begin to wander unless they hear a nearby bell. Charon must bring as many souls to the ferry dock as possible else it will leave without him.