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AntiMatter Games

Designer on:
IGI:Origins - Stealth-FPS
'83 - Massively multiplayer FPS

4 Month Internship + 1 Year Full Time

  • FEATURE DESIGN - Worked on features ranging from vehicle AI to environmental elements to player gadgets. Followed the format of Concept > Prototype > Design > Implementation support. Concepting and designs took the forms of documentation whilst prototyping occured in Enreal Engine 4 Blueprints. Implementation support consisted of meetings, document iteration and verbal oversight.
  • UI DESIGN - Created wireframes for key menus as well as notifications and the player HUD. Worked on placeholder implementation of these wireframes and implementation of final assets.
  • WEAPON SYSTEMS - Responsible for designing, tuning and balancing weapon systems including ballistics, spread, inventory management and crosshair behaviour. Also implemented placholder weapon/equipment behaviour and tuned damage and penetration curves.
  • INTERNSHIP TURNED FULL TIME - Gained the 4 month internship just 4 months into my Master's Degree and was offered the full-time contract just 2 months in to the internship.


Lead Designer + Programmer on:
CHRONOMANIA: Blast From The Past

6 Months as Lead Designer + Programer

  • LEAD DESIGNER - Responsible for all design choices and implementation of a streamlined design process suitable for an Indie team. Practiced rapid iteration cycles with a heavy use of prototyping and system balancing prior to full implementation.
  • SOLO PROGRAMMER - Developed Unreal Engine 4 C++ and Blueprint skills as the solo programmer on the project. Gained experience on implementation of save systems, weapon systems and AI that now informs my design process for such features.
  • COMMITMENT AND WORK ETHIC - Resigned my previous job at AntiMatter Games to work full time and consistently worked 10-12 hour days 7 days a week to create a vertical slice within 5 months.


Freelance Game Developer on:
2020, 2021, 2022 Charity Christmas Games

Recurring role creating and iterating on their Browser Game

  • UNITY C#, JavaScript with WebGL - Worked in a vareity of unfamiliar mediums requiring C# and JavaScript skills to be learned from scratch during the course of development. Oversaw implementation and bugfixing of WebGL integration.
  • SOLO DEVELOPER - Produced a browser game to JBI's genre, difficulty and technical specifications within the discussed timeframe. Oversaw implementation, iteration and ongoing bugfixing and tweaking for multiple years afterwards.


University Education

  • 1:1 DURHAM UNIVERSITY: NATURAL SCIENCES (Bsc) - Specialisms in Biology, Psychology and Neuroscience. Experience with statistics, experimental workflow cross discipline work.
  • 2:1 FALMOUTH UNIVERSITY: GAME DESIGN (MA) - Experience in rapid prototyping in Unity C# and Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints. Completed alongside my internship with AntiMatter Games.