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University Term 1 Work

A breakdown of my MA Game Design body of work produced during term 1

Experimental Game - Gaming for the blind: Currently I am working on making a 3D game for visually impaired players. The purpose of this project is to generate a list of transferrable mechanics that enable a representation of 3D space to be generated by an unsighted player, therby allowing them to enjoy complex games set in 3D worlds.
Such mechanics include stochastic and continuous feedback cues and localised macro-spatialising cues.


Term 1: Consisted of 5 Game Jams, 3 of which were themed. I also devloped an interest in stylised environmental design and undertook a few short-term challenged in order to improve my in engine and coding skills.


Twilight Tracker: Succesfully fits the brief of a 5-minute narrative adventure whilst taking it a step further. The story forms a time loop allowing the player's actions during each playthrough to alter the next, adding unique encounters corresponding to the playr's previous morality level (based on player choices). Additionally, a second audio track of ominous whispering grows in volume as morality decreases.
The whole game was built in 2 weeks in a team of 3. I was responsible for coding, mechanical design and co-narrative design.

'Meme' Game Jam: Produced in 3 weeks to fit the theme of 'meme', this game is centered around the concept of absurdity, attempting to reference as many internet memes and their outlandish feel as possible. Features 3 levels following a narrative plot as well as an arena mode. Play as Rick Astley as you battle memes such as Knuckles, PS1 Hagrid and Sans in order to defeat Shrek and Shaggy, eventually rescuing your girlfriend - every element of design is intentended to be over-the-top. Clips from Rick Astley's songs play when jumping - 'up' and when landing 'down', shooting plays 'hurt' and bosses emenate theme music in their proximity for example.  


Rain Boy: A 1 week team project based around escorting a companion across the map without letting them be exposed to the weather. This served as a mechanical prototype testing out the concept of an 'companion escort' format. The project was useful in teaching lessons regarding successful companion design and intuitive level design. I have written a blog post about companion design as a result of reflection on this project.
I was responsible for programming, mechanical design and co-level design.