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CHRONOMANIA: Blast From The Past

Lead Designer + Lead Programmer at ACIDPUPPY


CHRONOMANIA is directly inspired by origional FPS classics such as DOOM and QUAKE. It reinvents the Retro-FPS formula by merging gunplay and movement with time manipulation in a hectic 80s Hollywood Aesthetic.

  • LEAD DESIGNER - Worked as the sole designer on the project. Focus on creating a constant flow to gameplay where the player never has to stop moving. Also aimed to encourage the player to use movement, gunplay and time-manipulation synergistically.
  • LEAD PROGRAMMER - As the sole programmer on the project, I was responsible for implementing assets and designs to spec for everything from the save system to weapons to menus.
  • LEVEL DESIGN, ANIMATION, SET DRESSING - For the vertical slice I was also responsible for designing all 3 levels and for dressing 1 of those. Was also responsible for animation impementation using blendspaces and montages.

Design Overview

Design breakdown of the pre-alpha state of development. Written, narrated and edited by myself.